August Bass/DU Meet Update

19 Members & Guests just returned home from a wonderful trip to Hen Island. The weather was spectacular, the sunsets even better, and the stories on the front porch became more elaborate by the day. Fishing was sporadic, which is to be expected when Walleye fishing in mid-August in the Western Basin. Many of the Walleye have migrated eastwards, leaving a smaller population of native fish behind.

The largest Walleye caught was 3lbs 8oz, caught by guest Peter Kraylok, and was significantly smaller than our May or June catches. Nonetheless everyone had a wonderful time. The largest Smallmouth Bass was 2lbs 5oz caught by Shane Moore.

We had a first for Hen Island with Trial Member, Steven Kidd and his brother Dave, traveling from their home on the Canadian Mainland via Jet Ski directly to Hen. It’s 22.4 miles door to door, and Steven made it home in 23 minutes under low winds and flat water.

Once again, Hen proved to be 7 acres of paradise. Everyone ate like kings, and we were completely spoiled by our Canadian Staff, led by Corrine.

The Annual Fall Meet is only weeks away, and provides members and guests another opportunity to fish away by day, and sit by a wonderful warm fire by night.

Tight Lines!!!!