Learn more about members and staff.

Club President: Gene Piscitello

Club Vice President: John Brutvan

Club Secretary: Michael Oberholzer (Obie)

Club Treasurer: Jim Reinbolt

New Membership Director: Shane Moore

We currently have 18 full members and 4 “Trial Members” for 2017, with availability for an additional 4 new members. Contact us to learn how you can become part of our wonderful club.
It’s a lot less expensive that you might think to join and be part of history on this unique Island experience.

In 2017, we are offering a “Trial Membership” opportunity for just $1,500 for the season. This will allow you to come to all club meets, bring a guest with you each time if you wish, and check out the club/island for yourself. This fee can then be applied to your full membership initiation fee should you choose to become a full member of Hen Island.

Come see for yourself what you have been missing out on all this time!

Email Shane Moore at for more information. Please include your phone number.